Spreads on TikTok for being unfaithful

Spreads on TikTok for being unfaithful

More and more routine things are spreading fast tik tokIt is enough for someone to record the unexpected but perfect moment so that it becomes a gem and goes around the world when it is published in this social red of short video clips.

This time it was the turn of the groom who, by his temper, nearly spoiled his wedding and lost the woman of his life; Well, only when he was making his vows before the altar, instead of promising to be faithful to his wife, he said the opposite: “And that I will always be unfaithful to you.”

And when he had finished repeating it, the laughter of the guests and the father was heard, and the bride also responded by telling the priest that he was leaving, and that he no longer wanted him, followed by more laughter from the witnesses.

This video that was going to be more than a wedding was published in tik tok Thousands of people watch it because of her boyfriend’s funny and unexpected response.

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The account of wedding planner Lucy Cantu (@lulycantu) was responsible for posting this funny video on the social network; It has so far garnered 1.6 million views.

At the end of the video, the father begins to pray to our father, he hears that the groom swears that he is unfaithful and that the laughter did not stop.

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tik tok It’s a Chinese app known in that country as Douyin, worth $75 billion and in Mexico it has nearly 20 million users.

We leave you the funny video of “The Traitorous Friend” to make you laugh:

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