Stephen Curry holds the record with 16 three-points and is the NBA All-Star Game MVP

Stephen Curry holds the record with 16 three-points and is the NBA All-Star Game MVP

Cleveland– Stephen Curry He scored another three-point record. LeBron James He had another win at the All-Star Game.

Definitely a good night for Ohio and its two Acorn-born stars.

Curry turned the ball around excitedly with the best long-distance shooting display in All-Star history, and then James scored a half-time shot to give LeBron a 163-160 victory over Team Durant on Sunday.

Curry hit 16 three-pointers and scored 50 points, two of which was a shameful record Anthony Davis. He was clearly looking for it and asked his teammates how many units he needed in an exciting third period.

Starting Cope Bryant said seconds after accepting the Most Valuable Player trophy, “It’s a special thing, obviously back to Ohio.” “It simply came to our notice then. I feel so proud and blessed.

One night during a half-time celebration of the NBA’s 75th anniversary dream team, Curry and James showed the two players why they are the best they are today.

Curry missed his final 3-point attempt that would have allowed Davis to pass. But James could only send the ball to Curry as they needed only one basket to reach the 163-point target.

So James shot him from the right side for the shot that won the game 5-0 in the form of leaders choosing their team from the votes received at each conference.

Giannis Antetocouncombo He finished with 30 points and James finished with 24 points. Joel Empit Torrent led the team with 36 points.

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The All-Star return to Cleveland was expected to revolve around James. He is the best player in the Cavaliers franchise history, leading to their only NBA title in 2016.

Instead, he was buried by Curry, who was born in the same Agron hospital as James.

Charcoal made 16 of 27 27-point attempts – from just beyond some curve. He pulled a few out of the midfield logo and returned to his defensive position without even waiting for the ball to burn through the nets.

He responded with a smile during the preview as he made it clear that Cleveland fans would not forgive him for helping the Golden State Warriors defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers three times between 2015 and 2018.

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