Only with strips! Celia Laura left her magic in sight

Only with strips!  Celia Laura left her magic in sight

Daughter of the Tri-rock singer Alex Laura Millions of fans left totally shocked, thanks Celia Laura Always finds a creative way to get attention this time doing it with only plastic strips thanks to it attractions They took advantage of this, he shared the photo on his Instagram.

Little big success Also known as La Boss en Acapulco Shore, he does nothing more than entertain his followers thanks to the entertaining posts he makes on social media, and he often has to promote his own page where he shares more difficult content than usual Share on Instagram.

Celia Laura He knows all too well what his fans like, take the opportunity to pamper them and invite them to sign up, a few weeks ago he shared that luckily he was doing very well on that page.

The Mexican model is a symbol of the country’s culture not only because she is the daughter of one of the most famous rock singers in the country in Spanish, but also for her own styles and accomplishments, as well as being like any public figure who has also seen her involved in some scandal.

Thanks to his personality Celia Laura She has managed to win the affection of everyone who knows her, she has a personality, although she is very strong, she is usually very cool and above all supportive, not for nothing, she has enough knowledge, throughout her career as a model and also a businesswoman Celia Laura showed that she Not just a woman surrounded by scandal, a few months ago she launched a swimsuit collection for women with gorgeous glamor just like her, a line she herself admitted was successful.

However, what seems to have worked a lot more for the model and businesswoman is to accurately show off her natural body, which is why it instantly turns into a trend when it comes down to it, as it did with one of her recent posts. It appears in red plastic strips, looks like a bra but without the padding, these strips are red and its magic is visible to everyone.

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Although pictured Celia Laura Sharing their parts has not been fully appreciated, due to Instagram restrictions, on their exclusive content page you will find this and many other pics from this photo session.

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Pretty what a nice looking. Greetings, “I love you one day I hope to be like you”, “How wonderful you are Celia !!!! “

For Celia Laura, it’s normal to see a lot of comments coming out with compliments as well as red hearts and various emojis expressing how much she likes the model and businesswoman.

Thanks to her charisma, she is able to connect with the people she meets, which is immediate, her nature and personality are really captivating, especially because she is not usually an opportunistic person, on the contrary she is quite attentive and attractive, which of course is like any person who also has the personality but usually in control. In it well.

She recently decided to launch a YouTube channel and do a very unfamiliar talk show, especially because of the questions she usually poses, of course about her personality, the guests who have been with her are having the best of times, Celia Laura always has calm and revealing conversations.

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Many netizens who watch his videos are pleased that he usually answers certain questions that he is ashamed to ask sometimes.

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