Strong response from “Tota” Medina when consulted by the Olimpia referee

Strong response from “Tota” Medina when consulted by the Olimpia referee


In a match where the team was better in the chances it created Marathon He had to work hard to afford a Draw with Olympia (1-1) In the last round of the match on the 2nd of Clausura 2023.

Marathon's coach, Hernan “La Tuta” Medina, confirmed that the team could have scored long before the goal scored by Uruguayan debutant Maximiliano Pérez (89'), considering the opportunities it had.

In turn, he described the outstanding refereeing performance of Armando Castro, who did not take a clear penalty kick for the team at the beginning of the second half.

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Analysis and evaluation of the match

It was a great result. Sometimes we worked, other times there were the occasional bumps that obviously a strong team like Olympia can cause. Thanks to our idiosyncrasies, we were able to play our game and ended up drawing a match that seemed unfair, but football has these things.

We managed to contain crosses and volleys, which is their greatest virtue. When we tried to play, we faced goal, like a block from Menjivar in the first half, we had enough chances not to lose on the scoreboard. But that's what Olympia has, which is that you can't neglect 20 seconds because they will be watching you.

What did they change in the second half?

In the second half we knew we would take more risks than usual, but with the changes we made, we continued with our idea which resulted in a draw. We had to adjust the scheme and change the dynamic because of the players who came in like Isaac (Castillo), Samuel (Elver) and Thomas (Sorto), advanced through the lines and suffocated Olimpia. We were able to score early because we had clear chances.

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Highlights good team play

The idea is that we have this game identity on any stadium. We left home and did it well. All this helped us try to strengthen ourselves mentally because we were losing in the first half and in the second half Olimpia had few chances.

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What do you think of Armando Castro's refereeing?

I think he did a good job. I don't think they had any involvement. I didn't see the penalty kick, I asked Sylvain (Brown) if it was in the penalty area. What I complained about was the time in which it was added. The refereeing was correct. If the referees in these matches were not noticed, it is because they did it well.

How important is it for a striker like Maxi Perez to score on his debut?

For strikers who need to feed the goal, this is very important. We've only worked with him for a week, and he needs more time, especially on the field. The disagreement about who will be the main striker and the substitute, we are all for the same thing, so I am very happy with it. It's an incentive to keep working. Everyone must be taken into account and this is an incentive that can help us in the tournament.

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