Suez Canal officials’ charge 7 767 million from what has ever been issued

Suez Canal officials’ charge 7 767 million from what has ever been issued

Cairo, Egypt.

Power Suez Canal (SCA) 16 916 million in compensation (916 million euros) To Ship owners Cargo ship “Always given”, The British insurance company UK P&I Club reported on Tuesday.

That ship Blocked circulation Via the canal since Stuck In its waters on March 23rd refloated, On March 29, after repeated attempts.

The Insurer used in a statement that the Canal Commission “did not provide a comprehensive justification” for that Claim, Includes 3 games00 million dollars (1 251 million) “Reputation loss” Another $ 300 million “Backup Bonus”.

“Despite the size Claim, That’s the big part Not supported, The owners and their insurers are negotiating with the SCA in good faith. ”

On April 12, a “generous and careful review Offer “, Managers of the company “declare disappointed with the subsequent decision Catch the ship today. “

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“We are disappointed with the SCA’s comments that the ship will be there Held in Egypt Until then Compensation is provided And that The team can’t drop it At that time, “he said.

The insurer highlights in his note Channel lock Didn’t create anything “Pollution” in water It did not cause any injuries.

He also insists that the ship was “completely” present when the incident occurred Functional, Without “or” defects in the machines Equipment “. EFE

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