Summary FC Juarez vs Pumas (0-1)

Summary FC Juarez vs Pumas (0-1)

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He went from being the best player to being the worst player in just one game. Goalkeeper Carlos Felipe Rodriguezwhich was shaping up to be the character of the encounter between FC Juarez and Pumas committed A mistake that cost him a goal The border team incidentally “granted” three points to university students for their cause in MX . League.

The goalkeeper was the key against attacks cougarsHe even made a great save with a shot from Hegor Meritau in the 62nd minute, When the Brazilian tried his luck a few meters away from a small area and The goalkeeper brought the cats reactions.

However, it was all useless in the 75th minute when the match turned in favor of the university students. center Washington Korozo Badly measured by Rodriguez, I hit him in the foot and he went straight to where he was Diogo de Oliveira, Who only pushed the ball to the final 0-1.

This was more than enough for a team Andres Lelini He earned the three points on the border and accidentally cut his losing streak without winning six matches, including three. In addition, these units place you more confidently in an area Appendix Although there are still games like this date 12.

Victory would be many flaws in PUMAS. This is due to the fatigue of some players and also the creation of goal plays beyond Meritao’s shots.

While FC Juarez is still mired in a deep crisis of results and performance. The team led by Ricardo Ferretti does not generate opportunities to score and the opportunities available to them do not show strength, as happened with Maxi Silvera hand in hand.

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Another arbitration controversy

In the duel held in Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium, Another controversial play was played against her cougars As in other tournament duels. In the last few minutes Juan Denino I searched for a divided ball with Carlos Felipe Rodriguez, who managed to clear it with his foot but took the Pumas forward in a play that looked like a penalty kick. Refree Fernando Guerrero I decided not to mark anything.

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