Ukrainian forces begin to retake the lands occupied by Russia after orders to withdraw from the Kyiv region

Ukrainian forces begin to retake the lands occupied by Russia after orders to withdraw from the Kyiv region

Kyiv, Ukraineforces Ukrainian Very cautiously, he began to retake the lands captured by the troops Russian North of the capital, Kyiv They use cables to pull the bodies of dead civilians out of fear that Russian soldiers will set booby traps or antipersonnel mines to obstruct the work.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Yesterday, Friday, he warned citizens to be very careful, as he stressed that the Russian militias created a “disastrous” situation by mining the surroundings of abandoned homes, equipment and “even the corpses of those who were killed.” Zelensky’s accusations have not been independently confirmed.

members of News agency It is located in Bush, a northwestern suburb of Kyiv, He watched Ukrainian soldiers, supported by a column of battle tanks and other armored vehicles, use wires to drag the corpses of civilians who had died through the streets..

Citizens pointed out News agency The dead were civilians who ordered the Russian forces to withdraw by opening fire on them without any provocation.

“These people were walking around and got shot for no reason. The situation was worse in Stekolka neighborhood. “They shot without a word,” said a Buca resident, who declined to give his name for security reasons.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and its allies have raised evidence of Russian forces withdrawing from areas around Kyiv to reinforce their units in the east of the country.

Despite the withdrawal of Russian forces, Ukraine has received no respite from the attacks and bombings that began five weeks ago and displaced more than 4 million people. Zelensky argued that many cities could be subject to missile and artillery attacks, and that the struggle for control of eastern Ukraine could intensify.

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“It is still not possible to return to normal life, as it once was, even in the areas we are retaking,” Zelensky added.

Meanwhile, the siege of the port city of Mariupol by Russian forces continues, apparently a major goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin. If it finally falls under Russian control, Mariupol will connect by land to Crimea, a region annexed by Russia in 2014.

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