Summary of the Cruise Azul vs Atlas match (1-0). Goals “

Summary of the Cruise Azul vs Atlas match (1-0).  Goals “

After the break FIFA dateThe engine picked up speed with a Santiago Kimines as the winning captain This afternoon. Longing for the past tense: Saturday 5 p.m.And Cruz Azul defeated the current Mexican football champion 1-0 with a goal from Shanti and the referee controversy.

Tough first half, both teams were complicated in their attack. Yes, the sky guard had a little more work to do and knew how to load it Paul Aguilar. When everything seemed Goalless draw For half-time talk, it seemed Shanti with a clear message to Gerardo MartinoThe coach of the Mexican national team who summoned him on this latest FIFA date and left him on the bench during three games at the end of the Concacaf qualifying round.

The note is its product Uriel AntunnaThe former Sivas did not let the ball out, but recovered it within centimeters of the line and put it into play. Excellent service directly to the heart of the area In which Shanti finished with a header, The Pot 1-0.

A break for cruise liner

The second half barely started and that led Diego Coca They got off to a great start. A center in the area Jonathan Herrera Ended between the light blue defensive line against Sebastian Jurato’s poor start to 1-1However, Louis Henry Santander He put his hand on the headset and answered the VAR’s call.

He went to the center back monitor and inspected the play Julio found Furch’s hand Internal part, argument Invalid annotation And save the Sky-Blue goalkeeper from the wrong end of the game. There was no silence when Forch tried with a The shot hit the post Leave the arbitral tribunal

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In the final stage of the competition, with Seven minutes addedThose led by Juan Rhinoso were again and again affected Red and black goal canceledNow there is no place, to give them peace of mind one afternoon in which success loses effort and tension.

With a knife between the teeth, The game ended with a draw in favor of the cement workers Who stand in line Concacaf Champions League semi-final first leg Against Poomas at Ciudad University this Tuesday.

In addition, with success they reclaimed places waiting for failure Leon vs Queretaro Stay in fourth place this day 12. For its part, The foxes leave the live liquilla areaAnderson Santamaria’s injury will affect Coca’s squad for an additional two weeks.

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