Summary of the match Atlético San Luis vs Pachuca (0-2). Objectives

Summary of the match Atlético San Luis vs Pachuca (0-2).  Objectives

the Tozos They got first win Led by Guillermo Almada in The end of 2022 the Defeat Atlético San Luis 2-0 in the opening match. Pachuca dominated most of the match and the locals were unable to respond to the uncomfortable manner of the Uruguayan coach, who left Santos to join the Hidalgo project seeking to join Legila.

First time I moved from more to less, with Pachuca who – which game for long periods of time in San Luis Court, but nevertheless, failed to hurt. After some apprehension, the locals began to appear, and although they did not control the meeting, they arrived in the Pachuca area with greater danger, but without specifying anything.

With more fouls and more cards than goals, he finished first timethe, where both teams provided advantages to raise the score for the first goal, but no matter how hard they try, The most important guest did not arrive.

Tuzos found their best second-half football

the CV the MeetingAnd The visitors started in droves. Romario Ibarra It was good chance To score first, he clamped and fired from the left, but the shot was bumped into Defender of Saint Louis.

After a few minutes, The first goal in Clausura 2022 fell to Alfonso waves, although it was for Tozos. Victor Guzman received a very long stroke, which he controlled in a good way to send a center Nico Ibanez Send to the bottom.

After the goal, Pachuca took things more calmly s Saint Louis He failed to respond, which turned upwards with the departure of Rubens Sambiosa due to muscle fatigue. Many changes came for both groups, but The text was the same as in the first timethe: the Locations sometimes plays In the opposite field and the Visitors are waiting for a chance to counterattack.

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already in final stretch from the meeting Atlético go forward, with more heart than football, because he didn’t put the Tuzos in trouble, but they kept the ball out of their court. Bella Airosa players prepared to defend and had no problems.

In fact, Pachuca He came back to score a clear goal at 86, by Aviles Hurtado was about to pass judgment confrontation in a counterattack. De la Rosa put a great ball to the striker who tried to cross but Save Barofero with his left shoe.

Ibanez refereed the match

One minute after the end of the meeting, Kevin Alvarez suffered a lack in a San Luis area Reviewed by Oscar Macias in the VAR as soon as possible penal Which ended with marking. Nico Ibanez was a collector and put 2-0 to judge the meeting.

With this victory Tuzos starts the best way The end of 2022, hoping to mark a campaign full of successes, unlike the previous ones, where they missed the opportunity to enter the Fiesta Grande.

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