Summary of the match Gallos vs Chivas (1-0). Objectives

Summary of the match Gallos vs Chivas (1-0).  Objectives

Guadalajara, JAL. /

Chivas made a stormy visit to Queretaro Which fell by 1-0 in the duel opposite to Day 11 of Apertura 2021; Team Marcelo Michel Leno He took steps back and fell for the third time in the classroom.

Before that Classic Tapatio, The Guadalajara Before the worst team in the tournament, couldn’t Gallos Blancos added a victory and was in 18th place, but the herd raised the locals, in a duel that I stopped 50 minutes because of a thunderstorm.

The result was short for the holy flock because of the goalkeeper Raul Godinho He scored at least three goals for the locals, as the Guadalajara players were expected to play better, after their performance in National Classic.

For this duel, the second of this temporary period for Marcelo, DT made four changes, send Fernando Beltran, Antonio Briceño, Alejandro Mayorga and Gilberto Sepulveda As beginners, the latter has been the captain ever since Jesus Molina, Hiram Mir and Miguel Ponce They went to the bank. The other modification was due to the loss of Isaac Brizuela’s injury.

The duel took a long time to begin and until the 20th day there were works. Kevin Ramirez hit an area ball that no player from Queretaro was able to finish and Uriel Antona cleared it.

In the 29th minute, Daniel Cervantes hit a header, Godinho cleared the ball that hit the crossbar in what appeared to be a first for the locals. Chivas responded with two shots from Antona, the first was in the 32nd minute before the storm stopped the match.

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As soon as he resumed, Washington Aguirre scored another goal from Brugo, which went to 44 minutes, to keep the goal at zero. Godinho saved his goal before the end of the first half when he hit a shot from Ramirez.

Starting in the second half, Querétaro opened the scoring. Kevin Ballanta puts the ball to Jonathan dos SantosThe Uruguayan turned around and made the score 1-0 in favor of Gallos Blancos in the 47th minute.

With the score against Chivas, he looked at the goal and in the 59th minute, Antona hit a cross that looked like an equalizer, but Aguirre again took the goal from him. Antonio Briceño made a header in the 69th minute which veered and there was a corner kick.

In the last part, at the 77th minute, Pons hit a left-footed shot that was saved by Aguirre and on the counterattack, Cesar Huerta tried and the Uruguayan goalkeeper took the goal again.

Aguirre continued to interfere, in the 80th minute Antona searched for the goal, the Uruguayan glove appeared and the ball ended on the post and left unfortunately for Rojiblancos.

Nine minutes added and already in the addition, Pons made a header sent from above to leave the final score.

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