Ciencia en Corto concludes the project with a bold street campaign to raise awareness about the danger of pseudoscience and fight hoaxes.

Ciencia en Corto concludes the project with a bold street campaign to raise awareness about the danger of pseudoscience and fight hoaxes.

science in a nutshell The project closes with a bold street campaign to raise awareness of the danger of pseudoscience and combat hoaxes.

Audio-visual proposals, podcasts and an advertising campaign to raise awareness in the community of Benefits of using science in dIis backIa.

Audiovisual Project of the University of Murcia (UMU) science in a nutshell It culminates, after releasing two educational videos, with a bold proposal to combat pseudoscience at street level. By imposing billboards downtown, the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+i) of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Transfer and Scientific Publishing, along with Grupo Graphic, have invaded the street with two campaigns in the show in which Murcians and Murcians show the dangers of consuming medicine Alternative, as well as additives are not enemies in our kitchen, which highlights the benefits of using chemistry in our lives.

Through this campaign, UMU wants to highlight the importance of scientific progress for social well-being, and help promote critical thinking, which is the basis for creating science in a nutshell To combat pseudo-therapies, chemophobia and fake news.

Institutions should criticize those methods that endanger the health of our citizens. We believe that with this proposal we were able to respond to some misconceptions that are so firmly embedded in the collective imagination,” comments José Manuel López Nicholas, Vice President of the University for Scientific Transfer and Disclosure.

Those who want to know more information will have direct access to the videos through the QR activated on the billboards. Specifically, they will be able to find videos The danger of pseudoscience ) The top ten of quImica ( ).

Lola’s advice

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Along with audiovisual aids and the campaign, this innovative project is supplemented by a podcast in which some of the most common pseudoscientific myths are debunked by the curious hand of ‘science according to Lola’, a janitor at a research center. The Neighbors, embodied in the voice of the Merciful actor Fran Bermejo. Thanks to her work and her curiosity, Lola has found answers to share with the people around her, helping them discover science, and use it in their everyday and in their lives. Make decisions to combat, for example, a fear of certain food additives, or to combat the use of alternative treatments.

Podcasts can be listened to on Spotify:

Project Close

To complement this social work, the videos were shown in different educational centers in the city of Murcia, where talks were also given to inculcate and refine the importance of young people’s belief in the scientific method for living in a safer environment.

This project, which had germplasm in 2018, is currently working in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) – Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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