Fernanda Castillo reveals her secret after reappearing as an amazing character

Fernanda Castillo reveals her secret after reappearing as an amazing character

Recently famous an actress Fernando Castillo He’s come back with an amazing personality and luckily he’s revealed his secret, something that many of his fans no doubt feel for.

As you may remember, it was Fernanda Castillo Mother Last year she was in danger of losing her life after giving birth, however, thankfully, she recovered with a brand new body.

Fernanda Castillo told her Instagram followers that Secret Of his great body that he has today and the very complicated moments he had to go through.

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It is worth noting that the beloved Mexican artist has been following a strict diet for several months since January 4 and has lost this amazing weight and body.

In March 2021, a an actress Appearing in a swimsuit 3 months after giving birth and falling in love with her fans, the actress spoke about a woman’s body after she brought life to the world and was an inspiration to millions.

That’s how he explained that he was on a minimal carb diet, but was always under professional supervision to help him achieve his goals.

He also explains that this is Zelé’s ketogenic approach, which is based on low carbs.

But he noted that the food allowed by the nutritionist was not very strict, as he had some snacks that helped him to keep changing his diet without feeling that he was depriving himself of his favorite preparations.

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On the other hand, on her birthday, her fiance Eric Heiser congratulated her and said that she was proud of the discipline with which the actress had to achieve her goal.

I hope these smiles accompany your path and may you find new ambiance every day to keep flying. I celebrate your existence, your life.”

It is worth noting that on March 24 she turned forty, became an internationally recognized Mexican actress, because despite the fact that she already had a brilliant career, the character of Monica Robles in the movie ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ gave her a total transformation in his career. .

In December 2021, Fernanda celebrated the first year of her son, who was born in 2020, when the pandemic had little time to begin its onslaught.

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