Summary of the match Necaxa vs Atlas (0-3). Objectives

Summary of the match Necaxa vs Atlas (0-3).  Objectives

The Atlas was loved Added three more points to Crush Necaxa 3-0 At Victoria Stadium to confirm good moment That Diego Coca team lives in Opening 2021; Rai still does not walk and already have three duels in a row without knowing victory.

foxes They added their fourth win From the classroom by finding his best partner Julian Quiñones and Julio Verch; The first scored two goals and the second added an extra goal, and the first two goals of the night were real goals.

atlas Already 16 points It remains in the top five for more than half of Apertura 2021. The Guadalajara had just beaten Rayados de Monterrey and wanted their second win in a row, so they came out to the Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes.

The first two long positions without much risk were what Atlas gave, until the 23rd minute, Quiñones opened registration With a great goal. Furch center, the emperor learned he couldn’t score from there, combed the ball, and left it to the Colombian who Defined by half scissors To put 1-0.

Necaxa answered and at the hour 30 minutes, sepulveda gospel He had one of the few rays with a long shot that stopped him, Camilo Andres Vargas.

The Foxes continued, Quiñones had a warning at 31 minutes, but he couldn’t face Luis Malagón, since then35 minutes, the second came from the Rogengros family. It was another great goal. Furch took it, left it in Quiñones, returned the compliment to Julio, and the Argentine located it in the area and sent it to save 2-0.

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In the second part Quinones made it 3-0 in the 47th minute When he scored a header, Malagón rejected it with a shot from Diego Barbosa.

Vargas, who did not have much work, hit what came and in the 60th minute, he saved Fabricio Formiliano with a header to continue scoring the undefeated goal.

Atlas ranked 4th against 81‘, Barbosa scored inside the area launched by Malagón after a confrontation with Franco Troiansky and was awarded to the youth sports team, however, The play was reviewed by VAR and the goal was disallowed.

In the last part of the meeting there was one last ray of rays, Mauro Quiroga He finished with a header, but again Camilo seemed to save in the 90th minute. In compensation already, the Colombian took another saving slap to leave crushing in aguascalientes

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