Summary of the match PSG vs Lyon (2-1); Objectives of Lig 1

Summary of the match PSG vs Lyon (2-1);  Objectives of Lig 1

Lionel Messi He kept his new fans waiting to celebrate his first goal with him Paris Saint-Germain. During his presentation at the Park de los Frances, Argentina played 75 minutes, already witnessed from the bench Somerset Of the Parisians who were before him Olympic Lyon With one Neymar’s controversial culprit And Mauro Icardi’s last-minute score for him 2-1.

Mauricio Pochettino decided Take it out Leo Messi Change in the 75th minute To give Agraf Hakimi entry in a timely manner so that the PSG team can still search Somersala; They did it, but it should be Icardi, Was an important part of the game when he entered the field and gave his team the win.

Interrelationship Messi and Neymar It was almost over and they both remember their moments in Barcelona, ​​even in the first half they both had one Great play With the Brazilian’s Tacito trying to sign with the Argentine goal, but Anthony Lopez ruined the feast for Paris fans.

For filling, Lucas Pocketa Avantage Al Lyon. The Brazilians conveniently and privately entered the area to receive and define the service of Carl Togo Agambi. Nuno Mendes, who was chasing Baguio, became the spectator of the match goal.

10 minutes have passed PSG reached the scoreboard as Neymar fined well. However, the play is controversial, as the Lyon defender suffered further after he was hit in the neck with a hook around his neck after drawing with Brazilian Malo Custo.

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Even so, the maximum penalty was imposed and contrary to what one might think, Messi did not pick up the ball and left the area. The one pointed out was Ney, who did it effectively.

Icardi, at PSG Rescue in the 92nd minute

Can accomplish the feat of success Compensation time. After Messi left, Angel Di Maria followed in his footsteps and entered Muro. 10 minutes into the field, forward Kylian defined the Mbappé service in his head, thus 2-1 It was celebrated in the Prince’s Park.

This is how it is PSG clarifies its dominance in Lig 1 with the right step In the six games that Messi commands in this new era of the team, but who has not scored yet, it seems that his weight is not in Pochettino’s plan.

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