Avoid them! Mistakes you make on WhatsApp every day

Avoid them!  Mistakes you make on WhatsApp every day

In this case we will mention some of the mistakes you famously make every day Messaging application of Share You should definitely avoid it, so read and pay attention.

Today at Show News we will give you some tips and tricks to strengthen your account and use the app in a more secure way.

WhatsApp is a very useful application for interacting with our day to day endless number of contacts.

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Within that we can make video calls, send photos, videos and share many experiences with all your contacts.

However, we need to be very careful about certain actions or habits that we usually repeat while using the app Instant message.

Now thanks to the final to final encryption method, this application is very secure and protects our messages.

But we must also do our part to strengthen that personal security and learn some things Tricks and functions, We can avoid some common problems.

In fact, WhatsApp offers many applications to prevent strangers from invading our privacy or stealing our account.

There are still many things that can improve this application, however, we can make good use of all the options available now.

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Next, we give you a series Tips This will protect your account and avoid the mistakes most users make, such as giving too much personal information in their profile, not using the phone’s biometric settings, or allowing anyone to add you to a WhatsApp group.


Avoid posting profile photos

There are contacts you don’t want to tell about your personal life, but you need to remember who can see your profile picture.

For that reason it is best to avoid family photos or to be in personal situations.


Perform 2-step verification

This system prevents you from stealing another person’s account or accessing it without your permission, which is one of the first security measures used by WhatsApp.

Settings> Account> Two-Step Verification> Activate> Enter PIN> Next> Enter Email.

Note that if you forget your PIN, you can disable email verification.


Use biometric sensors

You can further secure access to your messages with fingerprint or facial recognition.

This is what happens if you put your mobile device on the desk without monitoring or blocking, so no one can gossip about the messages you send to someone else.

(Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock> On)


Control who can see your positions

WhatsApp Levels is an option similar to the posts of any social network, however, you can choose who sees them here.

Your hairdresser, co-worker or lawyer may not know everything about your life.


Prevent anyone from adding you to a group

If someone wants to add you to a group, they must first ask your permission and enable this function to protect your right to reject or accept the invitation.

Settings> Privacy> Groups> My Contacts, Except …> Select all your contacts that you do not want to add without invitation.


Protect your phone storage

WhatsApp saves all photos and other files sent to the mobile device, which fills up your terminal space, but you can block this function

(Settings> Chats> Save on Reel)


Stop using Drive or iCloud Backup

WhatsApp messages are protected with a final to final encryption system, but they lose this protection when a copy is uploaded to the cloud.

It is highly advisable to save the copy to a device that you have protected, such as your computer.


Do not spread fake news

Do not share information or links without first verifying their authenticity, here we leave you with a guide to detecting fake news or scams and stop being a part of that big misinformation.

If you find any misinformation or fraud, report it to the sender.

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