Summary of the match Pumas vs Toluca (5-0). Objectives

Summary of the match Pumas vs Toluca (5-0).  Objectives

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in football monday, Pumas started with his right foot their step in Clausura 2022 And they did it using a file A resounding 5-0 win against the Toluca Red Devils, which included a scissors target and even a rookie target.

It was the night of claw and strength where the Brazilian was Jose Ruggiero doubled And one of them scissors and a game in which Diogo de Oliveira once again met the goal.

However, among the circumstances surrounding this match is the fact that the Red Devils appeared in this match after at least they reported, Six players infected with the virus Which can not be taken into account 100 per cent.

With this scenario, Pumas took the opportunity to prove that he is still fine in the match Countless recording options are generated. Indeed, thanks to goalkeeper Gutierrez, Scarlett’s team has not scored one of the worst goals in their history.

target party Rogerio started it In the first half, after taking advantage of a pass from Alan Muzo, who managed to finish the match before leaving the goalkeeper 1-0. Then in the second half Diogo’s goal arrived! At the service of Marco Garcia, who continues to scream for a place at the start.

But he who took the night is the third. she was Rogerio’s artworkWho used a high ball to turn it from Chile and was able to absorb the ball near the post for 3-0. Golazo who was worth a ticket just over 8,000 assistants.

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cherry on cake It was scored by young Jorge Ruvalcaba for the first time and scored a goal in the 68th minute. All this before some demons who no longer have the strength to run and press on spaces.

Now with game control and changes Andres Lelini reached 5-0 through Hegor Meritao Which thus concluded a perfect night for DT aegentino, which by the way is the first time they have scored such a set of goals.

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