Cars and painting, heroes in the new exhibition of Youth Square

Cars and painting, heroes in the new exhibition of Youth Square

Young Space in Salamanca already has a new gallery. The youth advisor of the Salamanca City Council, Angel Fernandez, opened this Tuesday morning the painting and engraving exhibition “Cars, cars and above all cars” by artist Alvaro Perotti Guadilla, which can be visited at exhibitions until next January. 31.

During the opening, the mayor showed that the gallery is surrounded by the various actions of the Salamanca City Council to support youth and that its main objective is to promote artistic creativity in all its fields. In fact, the room it houses in Young Space, in the center of the city with an area of ​​u200bu200b200 square meters, is available to the young artists of the city to exhibit their work in different formats and disciplines. In addition, he congratulated the author on the quality of the presented works and on the combination of two great passions at the exhibition: cars and painting. In this way, he encouraged him to continue creating and promoting his art in a city like Salamanca, in which he affirmed that he believed in young talent and that he rewarded it.

Regarding the author Alvaro Perotti, it should be noted that he is 30 years old and hails from Valladolid. He completed his undergraduate studies in Fine Arts in 2020, and later majored in Method of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca. Currently, he belongs to the Puré group, where he develops the bulk of his creative proposals, developing a project based on a mixture of painting, advertising, posters and installation, transferring his imagination and stimuli to engraving.

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