Summary Tigers vs. Tigers (2-1): Tuzos hunt tigers!

Summary Tigers vs. Tigers (2-1): Tuzos hunt tigers!

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பச்சுகா Confirmed as the best playing team in Mexican football. The Tusos Completely canceled Tigers The leader and came on the roll and won by a double by 2-1 Victor GuzmanThat William Almada They are installed at the top of the classification, surpassing cats by two units.

That Almada Were better than Loose HerreraAnd despite these Nahuel Guzman To a wall under three sticks Little The team threw him on the shoulder and with two goals he turned off Argentina’s best play, if it was not in his favor, in favor of the scoreboard Tusos It would have been wider.

Nahuel He stopped all sorts of balls close to his goal, but despite that, the Albiasul team did not lose hope of penetrating their nets and they reached it with a goal in the second half. Victor Guzman Appeared in the second post completely alone to open the score.

Temporary success was a fair reward TusosThey had the ball for most of the game and they threw too NahuelCause Tigers No more than a couple of flashes in the first half that did not cause tremors உஸ்தாரி.

When Pachuka played better, it was a defensive mistake Tusos Gave to Louis Quinones Chance to equalize the score. The Colombian player pushed the ball உஸ்தாரி.

The game is not over. பச்சுகா If their imagination to move forward is not exhausted, they understand that they can get three points, and when the tie appears to be limited, Pocho Guzman With a goal. Donala, from Jalisco, is a half turn inside the area Hit Nahuel.

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பச்சுகா It’s a leader, the football they show is in Mexican football today and is a win against one of the best in the tournament. TigersConfirms him as the leading candidate for the title ahead of Liguilla del Closing 2022.

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