He won the race for the Capuchinos in Concordia

He won the race for the Capuchinos in Concordia

Gualeguaycho’s players scored an important victory on the road in an effort to break out of the bottom of the table. The domestic top scorer was Merino with 15 points, while in the academy, Panuzzo also scored 15 points.

The first actions of the race added two points, while the locals opened the scoring with a hat-trick by goalkeeper Melchiori, singles from his hand and Moreira’s hand. A room with great efficiency for both and good defenses between the two sides. Capuchinos made a difference by four at the end but Gualeguaycho’s team didn’t want to go down in the first quarter and equalized quickly. The first quarter ended in a draw, 15 for both teams.

The second quarter was opened by the academy twice, but the Negro responded quickly and secured a six-minute lead before the break. A great moment for Visso at the Green Giant, with good defenses and good shots, they took a five-point lead. The race recovered again with two consecutive doubles and won the minimum two minutes from the end. They didn’t get much of a difference and the match went to rest with 32 points for Capuchinos and 40 for Racing.

In the sequel, the local came back with quick points and quickly took advantage of seven points. Leandro Merino will be injured on the field and the match will change completely, the difference that Capuchinos finished quickly and Racing made the minimum two minutes before the end of the last quarter. The visit continued at the end of the quarter and the quarter ended in their 42-46 favour.

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The last quarter started evenly for both but Capuchinos could not regain the advantage and the match was halted at 48-55 for several minutes. The locals missed the match in the last 3 minutes to play. Capuchinos with so little wealth couldn’t add to the scoreboard and the academy took advantage of that and got an 11 max. The local team was unable to retreat and reached the thirteenth loss in a row.

The result of combining the exposition and the opposite

Capuchins 51: Merino (15), Lauria, Garat, Moreyra (9), Dacunda, Abboud (6), Melchiori (4), Poque (10), Olivera, Avancini (7), Gouin, Bargas.

Race 62: Rinaldi (4), Leoz, Nieto (12), Fabricius, Linares (12), Paolini, Banuzzo (15), Schaaf (12), Balmaceda (7), Bentancur, Handera, Jacob.

Venue: Estudiantes Concordia.

Referee: Francisco Robles and Ariel Romero.

Source: Capuchin Press (Ríos Preuss Augusto).

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