Supermarkets recalling dozens of chicken products over salmonella concerns | UK news

Supermarkets recalling dozens of chicken products over salmonella concerns |  UK news

Tesco, M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury are recalling a number of chicken products due to salmonella concerns.

Tesco is recalling 14 items from the sale, including a batch of cooked chicken breast fillets.

M&S is pulling 12 products from sale, including a delicious chicken stuffing and a number of salads and sandwiches.

Waitrose recalls 10 more cars that all contain chicken, with an expiration date of May 14.

Sainsbury’s recalled 33 pieces.

Anyone who has purchased any of the items is advised not to eat them and return them for a full refund.

This issue was first raised on May 10 when Aldi pulled the Eat + Go Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap and Eat + Go Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap Triple from sale.

In a statement from the Food Standards Agency, Aldi said this was due to the possible presence of salmonella.

The dates for using the affected products were between May 11-20.

The list of Tesco affected products are:

Tesco chicken breast slices 180 gm
Tesco chicken breast slices 360 g
Tesco chicken breast slices 180 gm
Tesco tikka thin chicken breasts 180 gm
Tesco Cornish Chicken Pieces 180 gm
Tesco tandoori chicken pieces 180 g
Tesco mini chicken breast fillet with garlic and herbs 170 gm
Tesco Fajita Mini Chicken Breast Fillet 170gm
Tesco mini grilled chicken breast fillet on flame 170 g
Chicken breast slices with sage and onions 180 gm
Tesco Peri-Peri Mini Chicken Breast Fillet 170gm
Tesco BBQ chicken breast pieces 180 gm
Tesco Peri Peri Chicken Breast Pieces 180 gm
Tesco Thin Grilled Chicken 180gm

Tesco has pulled 14 pieces from sale

The list of products affected by Marks and Spencer are:

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Coronation chicken deli stuffing
14 pieces of classic plate sandwich
Classic mini roll assortment
Chicken and Bacon Caesar Wrap
Made without a wheat-free chicken and bacon sandwich
Grilled chicken and bacon sandwich
Grilled chicken sandwich and salad
Layered Chicken and Bacon Salad
Caesar salad with grilled chicken
Chicken pasta salad with honey and mustard
Gluten Free Chicken Salad Sandwich
Choice of classic cafe sandwich

Marks and Spencer is recalling 12 items from sale
Marks and Spencer is recalling 12 items from sale

The list of affected Waitrose products are:

Waitrose Grilled Chicken Salad with Cream Salad Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Waitrose Sandwich and Filling
Waitrose grilled chicken sandwich with sweet corn
Waitrose chicken sandwich with mayonnaise
Waitrose Chicken and Bacon Caesar Wrap
Waitrose sweet pepper chicken wrap with coconut and pickled coriander
Waitrose deep stuffed grilled chicken and stuffed sandwich
Grilled Chicken Waitrose and Bacon sandwich
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwich Waitrose
An assortment of beef wrap from Waitrose

A Waitrose spokesperson said: “Customers must not consume these items and must return them to us for a full refund. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.”

Sainsbury’s has also Withdrawal of 33 items related to chicken From sale, from platter rolls to mini Mexican filet and Kansas BBQ wings.

A Sainsbury spokesperson said: “We remember the majority of the Sainsbury and Taste the Difference chicken sandwiches, chicken rolls, chicken sandwich plates and some of our cooked chicken.

“This is a precautionary measure as our supplier has informed us that salmonella has been detected in some batches of cooked chicken.

“We ask customers not to consume the product and to return it to the nearest Sainsbury store, where they will receive a full refund. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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Lidl has issued a warning about it California Pistachio Which may also be contaminated, best date before October 4, 2022.

Hull plant linked outbreak

The mass recall occurred after the Hull factory discovered salmonella in “a limited number of cooked chicken” during a routine inspection of its poultry facility.

Cranswick provides ingredients for sandwiches and meals through UK retailers and go-to food outlets.

In a statement, the company said: “As a precaution, we have asked our customers to remove any of their products that contain ready-to-eat chicken produced during the affected period. We are working closely with the Food Standards Agency and will cooperate with their experts to resolve this matter.”

“We are conducting a thorough investigation into the possible cause of the contamination and the site will remain closed until the investigations are completed,” he added.

It added that production would only resume at the Hull site after all “necessary protocols” were followed.

Britt removes chicken sandwiches from sale

Brett and Aldi both pulled chicken nuggets from sale earlier this week.

Brett said the move was just a precaution. It is understood that no customers purchased potentially contaminated Pret products because the chain removed the affected sandwiches from their stores prior to selling them.

A Pret A Manger spokesperson said: “As a precaution, we have temporarily removed the majority of chicken items from our menu due to a potential food safety risk to one of our suppliers.

“We hope to have these products back in stores soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

What are the symptoms of salmonella disease?

  • fever
  • Diarrhea
  • colic
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Just weeks ago, a number of Kinder products had to be pulled out of chocolate eggs due to fears of salmonella contamination.

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