Supplies on the sidewalks are paralyzed due to another labor suit

Supplies on the sidewalks are paralyzed due to another labor suit

company Louis Ayala Cologne Sucrs., Inc. confirmed. Through its Executive Vice President, Hernan Ayala, that since last Saturday, July 17, the leaders of the ILA 1740 union have ordered its members to stop the stowage operations of the ship of the Northern Diplomat.

Ayala stated that the identification of the aforementioned union is considered by the company as “illegal“Y Stay stuck on sidewalks Important supplies of fresh and perishable food and pharmaceutical products.

“It comes in disdain for the company’s proactive efforts and the proactive act of seeking solutions that we have maintained. Our goal has been to find alternatives to address and resolve your concerns. However, They have decided to suspend work Despite the catastrophe this would entail in the transportation supply chain.”

According to what they said, the company contacted the union leadership to understand the basics behind the stoppage, but they did not receive any response.

On July 20, the Federation issued an order not to carry out stowage work at MV FOUMA either.

“We are convinced that the determination of the leadership of the Federation prompted its members to act in a way that not only Illegal but unreasonable “We are concerned about the consequences for consumers,” the executive added.

The company said it has activated its legal team to work “in the search for alternatives to achieve a quick solution to this conflict.”

This labor struggle joins the Permanent Assembly Issued by truck drivers who have paralyzed cargo distribution services from sidewalks since Wednesday.

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Truckers protest the Financial Supervisory Board’s rejection of a new NTSP regulation that contained an increase in transportation rates, and this is the center of the struggle between the financial entity and truck drivers.

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