SF marches back at 9 and hits LA

SF marches back at 9 and hits LA

LOS ANGELES – Lamont Wade Jr. broke the tie with a two-run single in the ninth inning as the San Francisco Giants came behind Kenley Johnson on Thursday to beat the Los Dodgers 5-3. Angels

The Giants finished ninth with a poor score of 3-1, before scoring four times in the N.L. The World Series champions led the West Indies to three games to highlight. San Francisco won three of four games in a tense series between two bitter rivals.

Wilmer Flores, who knocked down Johnson the previous day and led his team, started the rally with an out single and advanced to third, with Donovan Solano doubling down the center-field wall with two outs. Pinch hitter Jason Wozler left the bases, while Flores Tairo Estrada scored a single.

Curacao Johnson (1-4), who suffered a loss, relied on 21 saves in 26 innings. In the last two games, he allowed seven touchdowns in seven innings with four walks in an innings.

Jose Alvarez (4-1) won by a perfect 1/3 inning, with Jack McKee serving ninth for his 20th save.

The Giants and Dodgers will meet in San Francisco on Tuesday for another three-game series, the last of which will take place between September 3-5 this season.

For the Giants, Venezuela’s Wilmer Flores scored a run to make it 3-1; Tairo Estrada 4-1, one goal and one product. Colombian Donovan Solano 4-1.

As for the Dodgers, Albert Pujols is 1-0.

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