Surprise! Honduran Albert Ellis is the most attractive target for next season

Surprise!  Honduran Albert Ellis is the most attractive target for next season


The future Albert Ellis In France it is a real mystery. The Gerontins of Bordeaux Enabled the purchase option in Honduran and now his token belongs to them. However, the club lost permanence and with financial difficulties it could be pushed to the third division.

Leeds United would have known how much Girondins was asking for Ellis

‘Fonderida’ has been reporting with its crew since last Tuesday after spending a holiday in Honduras, and the situation Gerontins Can be resolved as soon as possible.

“I have a deal with them, I have to present myself and we will know what happens later,” he declared. He is a A Diary TEN The French preceded the season, before returning to the soil Bordeaux.

It has been reported for weeks that the striker has sparked the interest of such Premier League clubs West Ham Y Leeds United. Now, the Turkish press reports that the player has been given to one of the country’s greats.

Portal Fanatic ‘S coach Gerontins, David screenplayRenewal for one more season with the company, would have provided He is a To Fenerbahce Operated by the Portuguese George Jesus.

The above source, with the exception of Honduran, Handwritten paper He also put the Senegalese attack on the table M’Baye Niang To the Turks.

Girondins de Bordeaux was pushed into the French Third Division

“The latest offer comes from France. Following the departure of Bordeaux, the players on the team began preparations for departure and recommended two stars from the team to Fenerbahçe: M’Baye Niang and Alberth Elis. Both players were on Fenerbahce’s agenda last season. The coaches sent word that the two could be in debt, ” the popular Turkish media reported.

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They added: “Albert Ellis was sold to Bordeaux for .5 5.5 million. The French may leave with the option of buying it. Management will present both footballers to George Jesus. The technician will read the proposals and have the last word.

Surprise!  Honduran Albert Ellis is the most attractive target for next season

This is not the first time it has been linked to ‘Ponderita’ Fenerbahce. Since 2019, when he was a member Houston DynamoHonduran was associated with the Turkish team, but did not win.

Is significant Fenerbahce It is the second club with the most titles in the Turkish Super League (19) and is currently on the German team Mesut Ozil.

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