Tania Rincon dressed up Andrea Legareta in Hue

Tania Rincon dressed up Andrea Legareta in Hue

The beautiful and innovative conductor of Today’s program Tania Rincon Once again, she outdid her screen colleagues Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montego dressed up, this time in shorts.

The former Guerreros presenter caught the attention of many when the morning Televisa star appeared with a short bob who made it clear that her legs could be some of the most beautiful on TV; A trait already possessed by his partner and friend Andrea Legareta.

Tania Rincon The most beautiful and happy was in a comfortable denim short shorts completed with black high heels, a red formal blouse and a light colored printed set, and she complemented her outfit with a short white pearl necklace, perfectly collected hair and natural makeup. .

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The former Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy participant has drawn a lot of attention with her beauty, attractiveness and appeared like a professional to share her outfits on social networks. The photo was uploaded to his official Instagram account on October 13 and has garnered more than 50,000 responses to Famous Social red.

The former hostess of Venga la Alegría stressed that they are high-quality shoes, hinting that they are part of the fall-winter season, so they are on top and her followers took the opportunity to fill them with compliments in the comment box.

Tania Rincon ditched Andrea Legareta in shorts at Hue. Photo: Instagram.

Tania Rincon came to Howe amid rumors, since they began talking about the possible departure of Mrs. Marisol Gonzalez, it was said that she would be the one to replace her; However, it was a long time before the Televisa star announced in the morning on social networks that Rincon would be part of the program.

The driver happily shared the news on her social networks without even thinking that there was a problem, because although she was due to travel from another country where she was on a walk with her husband on Saturday before the Monday that the program started, it was not the case .

Tania Rincon She shared how distressing it was to get to the airport and that they were denied boarding, the driver shared that this was because they had a layover in the US, but they only got a visa and asked for a special pass. .

Despite suffering, the celebrity and her husband managed to sort out the issue, traveling on Sunday and getting to their date to debut on The Hoy Show.

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