New Minister of Health in Cúcuta

New Minister of Health in Cúcuta

Tuesday evening, I had before Mayor Jairo YanezAnd Soraya Caceres, the new Minister of Health from Cúcuta.

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“I’m welcome Soraya Caceres, the professional Cocotina who has worked for more than 10 years In the public sector, on issues related to the public health social security system. She will be our new Minister of Health and we will be a great team for our city,” Mayor Jario Yanez wrote.

past jHe met Jovis during political control in the Cúcuta Council Rosa Imelda Vargas resigns as Minister of Health after a year in office.

Soraya Caceres is an industrial engineer with a master’s degree in business and innovation, specializing in project management.

between his charges In the public sector, the position of Assistant Managing Director for Erasmo Meoz . stands out, during the administration of Juan Agustin Ramirez, current director of Emsalud. She was also a university professor at UFPS and UDES

Among the challenges facing the new health minister is accelerating the vaccination plan in the midst of economic revitalization.

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