Tatum tried to recruit Lillard to the Celtics

Tatum tried to recruit Lillard to the Celtics

Although Damian Lillard seems determined to go to Miami, voices from other teams are trying to tempt him to change his mind. According to Mark Spears in an appearance on the podcast Sports from the NorthwestJayson Tatum was one of the men who tried to tempt him with other ideas, trying to get him to consider Boston as another option.

According to him, the Celtics have everything that attracts Lillard to the Heat. Ultimately, Damian believes his chances of winning the ring are greater in the East, and one of the things that attracts him in Miami is that it’s a team that’s been among the conference’s elite for years and has made it to the finals without relying on it, so his joining could give the necessary impetus to try to reach the title. . And if those are the ingredients, the Celtics are a good fit, too.

It fits… on paper. Because practically Spears confirms that Tatum’s attempts did not bear fruit. Lillard still has an unmistakable desire to go to Miami, and so far nothing has been able to change his mind.

However, the transition between the Blazers and Celtics seems more complicated, so Dame’s change of mind wouldn’t mean anything definitive either. And assuming Portland wants a player to build a project around (as they seem to be looking for in negotiations with Miami), is Jaylen Brown that player? Is Boston willing to include him in this hypothetical move? Do the Blazers, in the midst of a rebuilding process, want a man with a guaranteed $316 million salary?

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We will never know. Because, like every wealthy retiree or every kid with a passion for Disney, Lillard wants to go to Florida. It seems that it will end there sooner or later.

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