Actor Carlos Masola denounces the shortage in Cuba: “Eat three sweet potatoes. Unbearable”

Actor Carlos Masola denounces the shortage in Cuba: “Eat three sweet potatoes.  Unbearable”

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Thursday August 31, 2023

Cuban actor Carlos Massola denounced on Wednesday that he and his 83-year-old mother were suffering from hunger, and had to disconnect the refrigerator even from his home.

“I know very well that I am not the only one, and that there are many people in a worse situation than me,” Masola said on Facebook with several photos.

“But I had to unplug the fridge because I didn’t have to put food in it, and I have to eat three sweet potatoes and also give them to my 83-year-old mother without milk, not even an egg,” he said. Spoiled pork that I had to return, at unpayable prices for even the simplest thing…unbearable.”

Masola shared a photo of his empty refrigerator, a plate of sweet potatoes, and his 83-year-old mother.

Many Cubans lamented the country’s shortages.

“It’s more than a shame, as far as we’ve come, all normal and retired people are the same”; They commented, “You’re a character, tell me how ordinary Cubans are” and “The only thing it doesn’t lack is slogans.”

“My friend, it is sad to see how an artist with a career of over 40 years is living in this situation. I am glad that you filed your complaint so that these communists do not continue to tell more lies. You have 100% of my appreciation for support in your complaint. Thank you for saying the truth.”

“And being one of the first actors in our country. His talent is more than enough to be above average anywhere else in the world. Cuba is more than just a failed state, it is now a holocaust in the face of the West.” Civilization. Big hugs and blessings to the family, Teacher.”

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“I know it’s not the solution at all, but you can count on my support for whatever you need bro. I admire you so much, I grew up with you on TV, your great performances and it breaks my heart to see that.” “You ruined everything.” “Socialism is a misery. God bless it.”

“My friend, how sad,” Cuban told actor Carlos Massola. “90 percent of all Cubans have gone through this situation and we will continue to do so. This government does not care about anything.”

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