‘Tempranillo’: Andrea Legareta mocks Lucia Mendes for mistaking the wine type for a moment of the day | Video

‘Tempranillo’: Andrea Legareta mocks Lucia Mendes for mistaking the wine type for a moment of the day |  Video

Andrea Legareta mocked Lucia Mendes After the singer got confused during an interview where she commented on wine and mentioned it I drank “Timbranillo”Although they asked him what kind of grape is in the drink.

During the broadcast of “Hoy”, the presenters of the program made a note of the recognition that Lucia Mendes received for her career, however, Andrea Legareta took advantage of this moment inRemember the actress’ mistake and make fun of her.

“Hey, I’ll tell you that Lucia Mendes. who – which He got up very early and had a little wine. Oh, let’s see if we have that video later because it’s great all over the place,” the driver said with a laugh.

When asked by “Negro” Araiza, Andrea told the details of the viral video: “They pulled me in a curve, she talks about wine and later got drunk when it didn’t taste like alcohol and they gave her a very small wine and they say ‘Oh, yeah, Tempranillo’ and she’s ‘Well, yeah, not so early, it was like 11am,’ which unleashed their comrades’ laughter.

That was Lucia Mendes’ confusion

Lucia Mendes erred in an interview with Matilde Obregón, as the actress and singer. He mistook a type of grape used to make wine for a while.

It all happened when the actress said that her friend gave her wine and shared some details about the drink with her. “It tasted good, and it didn’t taste very strong, because that’s how I feel drunk, when alcohol tastes not like alcohol and tastes like grapes, because it was a very young wine.”

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Because of this journalist Asked if “Timbranello”, a term used to name wine prepared with this type of grape. However, the singer gave a strange response that became Trend in social networks.

Yes, it was 11 am And I said no, I’ll do it, give it, give it, give it,” said Lucia Mendes.

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