Tesla ‘V11’ software update: Elon Musk teases ‘Fire’ update with new amazing features and more

Tesla ‘V11’ software update: Elon Musk teases ‘Fire’ update with new amazing features and more

Elon Musk teases Tesla’s ‘V11’ software update to be released during the holidays

Tesla continues to bring new over-the-air software updates to its fleet with upgrades to existing features and brand new features.

These are often minor changes, but Tesla occasionally packs a number of changes and features into a major update to mark the new “version” of its software.

Was the last Tesla V10 Released in September last year.

It brought UI modifications, Tesla Theater, karaoke and many upgrades for free to existing features within Tesla vehicles.

Now Tesla is preparing to release the V11 of its software, and CEO Elon Musk is saying that this release will be on fire:

Also, the CEO teased that Tesla would release the requested “many” features – with new features not yet known to us:

“Many things you like and some things you do not know you like.”

When it comes to requested features, Musk has been talking about many more features in Tesla vehicles over the past year – likely to include candidates in the Tesla V11 release.

For example, the CEO talks about Tesla offers a bird’s eye view feature on the FSD package with its automated pilot camera.

He also mentioned that Tesla will release its own video conferencing feature on its cars.

Musk has spoken before Tesla vehicles can speak ‘soon’ To those around it through its external speaker.

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As we announced earlier, Tesla is making great efforts to bring video games to its vehicles.

We reported earlier this year Tesla builds a new video game and user interface team.

With the release of the Tesla V11 next month we can send some of their work to Tesla vehicles.

What features would you like to see in the Tesla release on V11? Let us know in the comments section below.

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