Thalia shows the damage done to her property by Ida’s remains

Thalia shows the damage done to her property by Ida’s remains

Mexican translator Thalia has expressed her regret on social media for the damage caused by the floods caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida this week in her luxury home in New York. But under the circumstances, she prefers to focus on the positives and be grateful that far from physical damage, she and her family are fine.

In one of the recent videos shared on his Instagram account, he showed how his residence was affected by the heavy rain, especially in the basement, where he had a recording studio and an area for exercise. In one of his opening videos, he shared his concerns about power cords, fearing it would put everyone’s safety at risk.

“In such cases, it becomes clear to us that the wealth that counts is not the wealth of this world. The only wealth we should strive for is spiritual wealth and which we build up day in and day out with our actions, with our love and our faith.

Material things come and go and are, as God’s Word says, “the vanity of vanity.” My heart and feelings regret the terrible situation that thousands of families are experiencing due to these massive floods, and even more so to those who have lost loved ones.

We have to get up and continue to support each other by the hand. I know many of our Latino brothers suffer from this now. What is the use of helping me, please let me know,” he wrote along with the latest video, showing many material losses.

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Dozens of deaths were reported this week from the storm in the northeastern United States, which was affected in addition to New York regions such as New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and others. Flooding in rivers, hurricane damage and a lack of electrical service were the consequences of the disaster affecting thousands of families.

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