The 2-year-old boy ordered 31 hamburgers in the United States with his mother’s phone

The 2-year-old boy ordered 31 hamburgers in the United States with his mother’s phone

An American mother living in the state of Texas was surprised to see a whole maternity ward on her doorstep 31 hamburgers He apparently ordered from a popular fast food restaurant.

Kelsey Golden, who works at a local school, thought it was one Delivery error, Confusing the apartment, Until he sees his son Barrett, 2 years old, and recalled playing on his phone, the protagonist told CNN.

“I went (home) and looked at my phone and saw an order was made while he (Barrett) was playing on my phone. God, I thought he really did thisGolden explained.

Because the accidental demand was still high “Nobody in our family likes cheeseburgers.” Golden said. So he decided to post an ad on his Facebook page Free cheese burgers.

Total cost of order for family $ 91.70 (just over a hundred euros) According to Golden, the amount would have been less if the little guy had not been included in the order “A generous tip” 25%.

Apparently, Barrett wants to play with his mother’s phone and, above all, want to reflect on camera, but in this case, the boy approached an application because it was not blocked. I ordered online and ordered all 31 burgers.

The event went viral and the owners of the fast food chain where the hamburgers were ordered decided to invite the whole family to the campus to enjoy chicken “nuggets” based food.

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