The 49ers go into the NFC final with reaction in the fourth quarter

The 49ers go into the NFC final with reaction in the fourth quarter

After the start of a questionable season, San Francisco is back at the top of the Super Bowl

Green Bay – Los San Francisco 49ers They are not going anywhere.

The same Niners Those who were once 3-5 are now going to the long gap filled with question marks NFC Championship Game For the second time in three seasons.

To get there, San Francisco At the end of the season he had to throw out the late-game magic that was a sign of his late playoff qualification. The result was a thrilling 13-10 win Green Bay Packers This Saturday night at Lambeau Field.

After a disappointing attack performance marked by abandoned passes, security issues and costly pass deviations, Niners They put together the series they needed at the most crucial moment with the wide receiver Deepo Samuel Carrying the ball 9 yards to go down first in the third and 7th game on the 38-yard line Green Bay.

That run-game-win set the table for a 45-yard field goal Robbie Gold When the time is up.

For a team that has won 8 of the last 10 games in Saturday’s game, this may have required some very unexpected contributions to make it happen.

Encouraged by a dominant defensive performance in which they did not allow a touchdown after the first drive of the game, Niners Did something special in the special teams to overcome Packers In a game they were far behind in the first 3 1/2 quarters.

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Due to the offense they committed, they had trouble moving the ball. 49ers They finally got some special team points, which has been consistently criticized in recent weeks as the team’s biggest weakness.

12-yard line on the fourth and 19th Green Bay, Defensive decision Niners, Jordan Willis, with a high ankle sprain, dribbled in the middle and blocked the ball by kicker Cory Borgourques. The ball bounced into the air before Rocky landed near the defense The story of Hofanga.

Hofanga Recovering it, he rushed 6 yards for touchdown and extra points Gold He tied the game 10-10 at 4:41.

It was the first blocked pundit to return to Touchdown in baseball history. 49ers Playoffs and second are allowed Packers His. Green Bay The first team to score a banned ban and field goal in the same game at least in the last 20 seasons ESPN Statistics & Info.

That’s what the biggest special teams play on one night Niners They received a blocked field goal from defender Jimmy Ward late in the first half and returned a 45-yard kickoff. Samuel At the beginning of the third quarter.

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