The 75-year-old model looks like a 30

The 75-year-old model looks like a 30

Apasra Hongsakula The model who won the title of Miss Universe on July 24, 1965, was the representative of her country Thailand. Although a lot of time has passed, the former queen retains her look and complexion at that time.

Hongsakula, who was in high school at the time, was the first Thai woman to win the world’s most famous international beauty pageant.

In 1964, the model received the crown of Miss Thailand. Later, she was selected to represent her country in Miami, Florida, United States, where the Miss Universe contest will be held.

Hongsakula, in addition to being a descendant of the Thai royal family, is recognized in her country for retaining her beauty at the age of 75, and apparently did so when she won the crown in the 1960s.

The former Queen is currently working as a businesswoman. She was also the ambassador for culture and tourism.

Additionally, Hongsakula has been very active on social media, especially on Instagram. There she shared various pictures of her, since she was a queen and from her current life, showing and feeling proud of her family.

Through these platforms, her followers have expressed an interest in knowing her secret to maintaining her perfect skin and shape at her age. He was asked thousands of times about surgeons or treatments.

The secret of his youth

The truth is much simpler than it appears. In her account, the model expressed that, since starting out in the world of reigns, she has acquired very good habits that she has kept throughout her life.

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The trick to staying young forever is to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise, which Hongsakula has done since he was little.

The minerals that fruits and vegetables provide help flush out toxins, keeping her skin as clean as porcelain. In addition, the exercise gave her the look that many women desire.

For this reason, her followers express their admiration and admiration for the ex-queen, commenting various compliments on her Instagram photos daily.

One user commented in one post, “What a beauty, there are no signs that she is 75 years old.”

One of his followers said, “Wow, I can compete again, she’s so beautiful.”

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