The Alajón Dynasty, the new arm of the Aragua Train discovered in Chile

The Alajón Dynasty, the new arm of the Aragua Train discovered in Chile

Fernando José Gómez Gandica and Onesley García Viña are accused of being hitmen for this new criminal clan.

New claws are already notorious Aragua train It was discovered this time in the south of the country, thanks to the investigation carried out by the Temuco Public Prosecutor's Office and the Police Investigative (PDI): it is Alayon dynastyAt least two of its members – of Venezuelan nationality – are accused of four executions, two in Temuco (about 680 kilometers south of Santiago), and two in the country's capital.

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The news was confirmed during its annual public account previously Regional Prosecutor Roberto Garrido Which highlighted the investigations conducted by Prosecutor Luis Arroyo with investigators from the Homicide Brigade (BH), which allowed for the arrest Fernando José Gomez Gandica and Onesley García Viña. According to Garrido, “They both belong to the criminal organization known as aragua train, Specifically for a group called Dinastía Alayón, which is being investigated for crimes committed elsewhere in the country and abroad,” according to a report published by the digital newspaper El Mostrador.

The Alajón Race is one of the most feared factions of the Aragua Train, owing its name to the fact that many of its members were imprisoned in the Alajón Prison, in Maracay, Venezuela. When it was closed in 2020, the most dangerous prisoners were sent to Tocorón prison, the operating center for the Aragua train.

This criminal clan was the first faction of Aragua train Identified in Peru, a country where the police fought hard. The last operation, which was carried out last December, left dozens detainees and allowed the release of 107 women who were subjected to sexual exploitation by the organization. On that occasion, the leader of the group, Kevin Andre Rodriguez Lucena, identified by Peruvian police as the head of the Alajón dynasty in Chile and Colombia, was arrested.

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