The Spanish passport becomes “the best in the world”: many Cubans have it!

The Spanish passport becomes “the best in the world”: many Cubans have it!

The Spanish passport, which many Cubans carry because they are their descendants, has become “the best and strongest” in the world, according to the index. VisaGuide.World passport. Thus Spain concludes the year 2023 by making its citizens proudly display their nationality for travel.

According to the aforementioned index, which measures the strength of passports based on several criteria, the Spanish passport ranks first in the world with 90.36 points as of December 2023. It is closely followed by the Singaporean passport, i.e. Singapore and Germany, with 90.29 and 90.26 points, respectively.

Among the criteria used to prepare this classification are the entry policy applied to the passport, gross domestic product, energy index, tourism index, human development index, and others.

Likewise, the different visa modalities that exist are taken into account: visa-free travel, electronic travel authorization, visa on arrival, electronic visa (e-visa), embassy visas or other visas approved by the government, travel without a passport. Entry is prohibited.

The Spanish passport shines: and the Cuban?

Other countries completing the top ten for the best passports in the world are Italy, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, which have surpassed 88 points. On the other hand, the countries with the weakest passports are Somalia, which ranks last with 8.24 points, and Afghanistan and Syria, with 9.44 and 9.80 points, respectively.

Where is the Cuban passport? According to this source, Cuba ranks 133 out of 199 countries. That is, it is one of the least influential countries in the world. This means that Cubans can only travel to 28 countries without needing a visa. To enter other countries, Cubans must apply for a visa in advance.

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However, hundreds of thousands of Cubans have dual citizenship, that is, a Cuban and a Spanish passport, and thus will be able to hold their own as the “most powerful” in the world.

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