The American space caught will be evaluated with the party

The American space caught will be evaluated with the party


The event in the Royal Garden with 400 people wrapped up last Saturday afternoon.

Written by Andre Rossi

January 19, 2021, 7:55 am

Americana City Council confirmed on Monday that the event space at the Royal Garden, on Jardim Werner Place, will be fined for a party held last Saturday night. About 400 people were at the site, as the Prime Minister (Military Police) closed his activities.

During patrols in the area, at around 9 pm, the police noticed the movement of people and vehicles, as well as loud noise in the Royal Garden, located in Rua de Soldador.

A conglomeration of people, habitual without a mask and consuming alcoholic beverages outside the period of sale, was found according to the rules of the São Paulo plan. The event was closed and the official was qualified.

On Monday, the Sanitary Surveillance company reported that it had learned of the case from the press. Since there is no inspector on the job, the sector will use the prime minister’s police report to assess the facility. The potential penalties were not detailed.

LIBERAL tried to call the Royal Garden on Monday, but the calls on the cell phone at home were not answered and there was no response to the messages sent from Facebook and WhatsApp.

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