The Argentine who created his own company in the living room of his house in Silicon Valley and managed to raise 50 million US dollars with his company

The Argentine who created his own company in the living room of his house in Silicon Valley and managed to raise 50 million US dollars with his company

Patricio Echagüe (right) with other founders: Adil Aijaz and Trevor Stuart

Patricio Echaguey He is a systems entrepreneur who, after going through Argentine and foreign companies, has created his own startup Split In the living room of his home in Silicon Valley. A native of Salto, Buenos Aires Province, discovered a need that no other company could cover and announced it today Raised $50 Million In addition to another $33 million it received in August of last year.

“When I was director of engineering at RelateIQ in 2015, the team grew a lot, and with more engineers, there was more code and more bugs in production. There we came up with something that was actually done, but not as a service, a product that splits the deployment of an app or This way, if there is an error, it can be quickly removed and customers can decide who can see the change,” explained Echagüe, 39, about his solution, in an interview with Nation.

This is it Helps companies create products faster, To reduce the risk of errors through a technique known as Feature flags And to experiment with many ideas and interpret which one offers the most value to its users.

Include a list of his clients GoDaddy, Twilio, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Eventbrite, Vistaprint, Healthfirst, LendingTree, Quantas, New Relic, Cargill, Crunchbase y WePay, Chase Corporation, Among other things.

The company is six years old and the new investment round is $50 million, in addition to the $33 million we raised last August. from this tour Owl Rock Capital Part of the company and another investor income is Northgate Capital”, added.

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During the pandemic, had a 75% increase in the number of its users They died within 12 months of From 74 to 140 employees Part of the new capital will be used to add more people.

“The company started with people from Tandil and we also have two people from Mendoza, Cordoba and Buenos Aires. The rest of the people are in the US in two divisions. axles We have it in Redwood City, California, and Boston. Today, there are 30 employees in Tandil and we want to expand them significantly because there are good talents, as well as adding people in the United States, where we are”, pointed out.

Finally, Echagüe – who has been studying programming since the age of 10 and studied engineering at UTN – emphasized that the new investment also favored its employees because they had Company shares.

“I am interested in the success being repeated. From day one we have given them procedures because it is a way of aligning incentives,” he concluded.

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