Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: JLo’s remark to Jennifer Corner’s daughters | Benefit | Celebrities | USA | nnda | nnni | People

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: JLo’s remark to Jennifer Corner’s daughters |  Benefit |  Celebrities |  USA |  nnda |  nnni |  People

Because last weekend ‘Benefaire’ was special He turns 49 on Sunday, August 15. Although not initially announced as his girlfriend He was on the sidelines during the celebration because he was only seen by children with his ex-wife Jennifer Corner, who even gave Violet (15), Serabina (12) and Samuel (9) and the girls a special description today, what is it?

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One of the first people to be consulted about love was the Netflix ‘Yes Day’ protagonist, whom he married in 2005, after learning that the actors had crossed their paths again after 17 years of separation. Sources close to the actress revealed it “JLo has its own logo”.

Departure over time and with children Jennifer Lopez, Max and Emmy, 13 years old, next Ben Affleck And their little ones, Clarified that “Nothing against” ‘Diva del Bronx’ and “I will not interrupt” So the two families are living together, an informed source told ‘Tonight’.

Birthday surrounded by family

That’s why last Sunday Ben Affleck Captured by TMZ Only father and children in celebration with Violet, Serabina and Samuel, including JLo Not found with them. The singer was later revealed to be having dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles with her son Max and her manager Penny Medina.

Not only that, but good People That Jennifer Lopez Yes, he was later in a special celebration for the ‘Batman’ protagonist, and he gave a fancy gift to his boyfriend’s daughters, which helped Emmy choose him.

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The interpreter was spotted in Brentwood, especially at the “Made by Mary” jewelry store, where he picked out some jewelry for Violet and Seraphina. This includes many things Birthday flowers, each marked the month of birth, and given to teenage girls on Sunday nights during the 49th birthday celebration Ben Affleck.

Before the weekend of celebration, the award-winning actor Entering the rehab center is seen, some of the films aired on the Univision channel. “He had a serious face and wore a long sleeved white shirt.”, Reads the publication where photos are displayed outside the Malibu clinic, where he drove his own car and spent a few hours at the scene. The actor has been fighting against him for a long time. And other intoxicants.

‘Benefar’ was due to reach the altar in 2004 because they were engaged in 2002 and Jennifer Lopez defined their romantic decision as “probably my first big heartbeat”. Later, JLo married Mark Anthony in June 2004, and in 2005, Ben Affleck married Jennifer Corner.

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