The Blue Card will be used in football after approval by FIFA Todden Football

The Blue Card will be used in football after approval by FIFA  Todden Football

the Blue card He will become a reality in football after he agreed to it International Football Association Board It will become official on Friday after the meeting held by that organization.

he FIFA Council This will include the use of new cardboard with a very striking colour, which will begin to be used in some tournaments such as FA cup Wave Women's FA Cup Starting next season.

According to information received from Telegraph In England, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) will on Friday 9 February approve its use, which will not include summer national team competitions, nor elite leagues for the time being.

According to reports, the blue card will be used by referees on two occasions when they believe players deserve it:

The consequences of using a blue card will be that each player who receives it will have to leave the field of play for 10 minutes.
This will also introduce a new way to kick players out of the match and it is stated that by seeing the blue card twice they will automatically receive a red card.

Other options for suspending a footballer are to add a blue card and a yellow card to a match, so they go to the dressing room without the option of playing that match again.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is revolutionizing football in this way and we will have to wait for the reaction of the various leagues in the world to allow its use, although if it is within the rules of football it must be adhered to, as are FIFA in its rules. Championships.

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