The captivating models of Belinda among the blue sheets and fall in love in the networks

The captivating models of Belinda among the blue sheets and fall in love in the networks

Talent is part of a dear’s life Singer and Actress BelindaThe nationalized Mexican has fallen in love with every one of her followers, thanks to the fact that she recently posted a series of photos from her official account of Instagram.

That’s right, more than just Mexican celebrities, I was surprised, shocked, and fallen in love by sharing a photo session where she showed herself only in nature, causing her millions of followers, friends, fans and fans to go completely crazy and of course react to him. Husband, Christian Nodal.

We dear Billy brought it up Gorgeous Like her, allowing us to see how beautiful she really is, while she was sitting on a sofa and intertwined in a light sheet in a lovely blue color, which managed to accentuate her intense eyes.

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On postcards reveal him Dazzling beautyApparently from another world, the camera lens captured every inch of the actress’s enchanting porcelain skin, with a slight filter in which she looks perfectly flowing, the same thing she has caught the gaze of millions.

In the first shot, Belinda stares at the camera, pictured coquette, As if Christian Nodal took the photo, although, on a second thought, that could be a real possibility.

With one leg at the front of the piece EntertainmentWhile he covers most of his body with it, leaving us, as the protagonist, his beautiful and bright face, and of course his hypnotic blue eyes, which are favorite of his fans and of course his love for the singer Nodal.

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She dropped her blonde hair to one side, and with her eyes fixed, Belinda did nothing but make the audience totally fall in love, who thanked her for the amazing shots she gave them, and the comment that she is actually the most beautiful woman. Beautiful in this world.

The second picture is definitely a favorite among the pretty Billy viewers, showing her taking a rose with one hand, and the other, she decided to put it on her chin, and she managed to look very flirty and flirty at the same time.

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There is no doubt that ever since she started her acting career in Mexican soap operas for children, Belinda’s face has always stood out as she flaunts herself as a character that viewers love to appreciate.

Her legs crossed and with that subtle look that did not allow you to take her eyes off her, the singer managed to make all her followers at her feet, due to her extraordinary beauty, it seems to be a work of art deserving of appreciation in the most exclusive museums.

In fact, if we look closely, the small but important tattoos that Belinda carries on her wrist is featured in the photo, and it gives her that adorable touch that her fans totally love.

The third postcard is a full appreciation of the angelic face of the famous young lady, who looks through the profile and her eyes slightly closed, raises one arm, revealing the tattoo on her forearm, which appears to be the motto of her life.

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Faced with this impressive beauty, Nodal left some comments, like these: “Hey, thank you so much for being there, I don’t know what would I have without you” and “How can there be so much beauty in one person” This post did not go unnoticed Among Belinda’s more than 13 million followers, because within two hours she crossed 848,000 likes and got nearly three thousand and five hundred comments.

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