The Celtics' new idol is a rookie with alopecia universalis

The Celtics' new idol is a rookie with alopecia universalis

to With 3:03 remaining in the game against the Spurs, Boston's TD Garden stood to applaud the substitution. Rookie Jordan Walsh makes his NBA debut Entering the field for Neemias Quetta. Although the scoreboard reflected a clear 114-94 score for the Celtics, many local fans were no longer sitting. They lived the result with Hope the “rookie” scores.. He couldn't do it. He missed the only shot he took, a 3-pointer, and showed off his athleticism, grabbing four rebounds that were encouraged as was his every touch. A new idol was born in Boston.

“It was unbelievable. I feel like it's a great career accomplishment for anyone who wants to play in the NBA.” “It was my night and I'm happy to reach this milestone.”He told the press after the match against Tottenham. “I can see his growth from the beginning of the year until now with his defensive communication and rebounding. He's starting to see how important he is,” he said. Coach Joe Mazzola, who highlighted the reception of the fans: “The support they gave him like that says a lot about them. It was really great.”.

Walsh, who was born in Dallas 19 years ago, played at the University of ArkansasHe already showed strong physical fitness despite his height of 1.98 meters and gained a reputation as a great defender. After a season in which he averaged 7.1 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.1 steals, he decided to enter last year's draft. He was selected in the second round, specifically in 38th place, and ended up with the Celtics, with whom he signed a contract for four seasons.. He played 16 games for Maine, a GLeague affiliate team, with averages 16.3 points and 7.9 reboundsuntil he finally achieved his ambition of debuting in the NBA.

It is characterized by baldness

The Celtics player's life has been marked by his physical appearance. He suffers Universal alopeciaIt is a condition that affects 2% of the population, who also suffer from, for example, Former football referee Pierluigi Collina and this causes Loss of all body hair. It can be tried at any age, and Walsh participated in adolescence, which is one of the most complex stages. It was common for competitors and fans to make fun of him because of his baldness..

Neither the player nor his family knew how to deal with him This is a problem that went beyond the physical level and affected Walsh psychologically.. Then he saw Charlie Villanueva, an NBA player who suffered from the same condition and became his idol. Even more so when she got to know him through one of her relatives who was in contact with him Ramon Sessions, who played with him on the Bucks.

For Walsh, he has that sign “He was a great help, more than anything off the field. He understood what he was going through and could tell him everything because he had been through the same thing.”. “He always had good advice.” Among them, Villanueva says, he recommended “You may have alopecia, but you may not have alopecia.”. This disease must be controlled, regardless of whether hair grows back or not. “Keep a positive attitude and use it as motivation to get where you want to be.”

And that's what the newcomer did with the Celtics. “I am in control of my life and I do not allow alopecia areata to affect me on a daily basis.”In basketball, Walsh just tries to “work as hard as I can,” says Walsh. Thus he achieved his dream He debuted in the NBA while he is now helping children with alopecia universalis: “I tell them that they should be themselves at all times and always love themselves.”

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