Jerry Jones reports on McCarthy's visit

Jerry Jones reports on McCarthy's visit

I believe this team is very cohesive and capable of achieving our ultimate goals, and having Mike McCarthy as head coach is the best step for us. It has been very rewarding to continue the team's progress under Mike's leadership as our head coach. In particular, Mike's approach to team leadership with individual players and our teammates has resulted in many successful seasons this season. Mike has the highest regular season winning percentage of any head coach in Cowboys history and together with him, we will be dedicated to achieving our offseason goals. Of course, Mike's postseason success has proven to be at a high level, and we have high hopes that he can continue.

Also, our loss on Sunday is shared not only by Coach McCarthy but by everyone present. Our players. Our coaches. Our main office. Just me. We are responsible for our decisions. I am responsible for our decisions. The lens we use to view and evaluate Coach McCarthy is holistic. While we are all disappointed with Sunday's result and our playoff record, I support him 100 percent as our head coach and his ability to achieve our goals.

We'll begin the decision-making process by reviewing everything that affects our team and roster, and we won't talk about specific players, extensions or free agents at this point, which merit our further review and consideration, and that's what it will be. like”.

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