The channel has nothing to do with this.

The channel has nothing to do with this.

Enlace Canal 21, which runs the family of Reverend Guillermo Osorno, confirmed this Wednesday with a statement that Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo’s system, through the Nicaraguan Institute of Communications and Correos (Telcor), has revoked their license to Open Television.

In the same way, Radio Nexo, also linked to Osorno, issued a statement reporting that it had canceled its 89.5 frequency on FM.

Osorno was one of the six candidates who ran last Sunday, November 7, in the general election that ratified Ortega and Murillo in power for another five years, but the pastor said on Tuesday at a press conference that he was not aware of the results of that election. elections.

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According to communications from Channel 21 and Radio Nexo, Telcor visited the antennas of the television station, located in El Crochero, to carry out an alleged “routine inspection”.

“Yesterday they issued a statement indicating the reason for revoking the license for free broadcast television. Given the argument of the statement, today we presented ourselves to the Telcor offices with evidence and tests that we are working properly; however, they have arbitrarily revoked our license to free broadcast television.”

Channel 21 statement.

Nothing to see, says Osorno

LA PRENSA was able to reach out Wednesday night with Osorno, who confirmed that Telcor had revoked the licenses for its channel and radio stations that it had owned for more than 30 years.

“Now they sent us to notify us that they sent us to revoke the license and that they didn’t want us to send anything. And this is a problem because this channel is not mine nor the radio. We are part of a global chain of Christian media out there. I have been here for a long time and have not had salary, because it is a service to God’s work.”

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Asked if he considers the measure to be in retaliation for what he said on Tuesday about the vote, Osorno indicated that he did not consider doing anything wrong and that the affected media had nothing to do with politics.

“But an idea, you know the government we have here. And if you don’t agree with it, you don’t agree with it. I haven’t committed any crime. He emphasized that the channel has nothing to do with it, because the channel is not mine, it belongs to God, as well as in all countries, Well, what we are are just proxies.”

“Well, what’s on the horizon doesn’t need glasses,” he said of the election result in which Ortega was declared the winner, despite the fact that those elections were widely questioned by the international community.

Nexo statement.

“What a bad thing we did. We did nothing wrong. And what does the channel have to do with this? The channel has a system that doesn’t even run political or other ads, but less political ads. I have a show on Tuesdays and Thursdays and since the political campaign started I haven’t shown again Although they don’t talk about politics. What I’m talking about is the Christian faith. But even with that, we have a policy that if I participate, I won’t be able to appear on the Christian programs there, until the electoral process is over.

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He said that despite taking all these precautions, after Tuesday’s conference, “they (Telcor officials) got to El Crucero, where our factories are, and they took notes, and after that we only got the notification that we were coming today (Wednesday). My kids went and introduced themselves and asked them to Back in the afternoon, only to tell them that the license for Channel 21 and Radio Nexo has been revoked,” Osorno said.

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