Jean-Alain guarantees that he will stand trial if released on Monday

Jean-Alain guarantees that he will stand trial if released on Monday

The Defense Council confirmed to former lawyer Jean Alan Rodriguez that the specialized lawyer for the trial of administrative corruption (Pepca) does not have a single legal argument to prolong his imprisonment, and that in the face of this reality he uses illegal and absurd arguments, pointing out that he should not be released because he intends to “escape”.

He argued that residents were confused and hidden from the fact that all courts had concluded that Rodriguez posed no escape risk, and that Pepca had no other reason to keep him in prison, other than the investigation that had already been completed.

release request

The previous public prosecutor’s request for release will be known next Monday at 9:00 am.

“Pica has publicly stated to the press that in this case, ‘armored’, ‘there is no escape’, so now they can’t go to court to talk about ‘the risks…’,” attorney Carlos Balcacer said.

“We hope in this public session that they will not invent more stories, and that they will stop blackmailing and sermons that seek to defame and always reprimand judges, and specifically when these do not find legal grounds in the preventive prison administration,” Balkasir said. .

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