The committee investigating the attack on the Capitol begins with splits showing the breakdown of Congress | International

The committee investigating the attack on the Capitol begins with splits showing the breakdown of Congress |  International

This starts Tuesday Committee of the US Congress investigating the attack on the Capitol On January 6 after a mob of followers Donald Trump enters the Temple of American Democracy With the ultimate goal of preventing the appointment of Joe Biden as the new president. Five people, including a Capitol police officer, were killed in the attack, and the assembled legislators were forced to certify the Democrats’ victory or go into hiding for fear of losing their lives.

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That tragic day resulted in a historically unprecedented event: for the first time an American president faced a second indictment. For the events of January 6, Donald Trump was accused of “inciting a rebellion” because his disciples went to attack Capitol and after hearing his fiery speech, forced them to “fight like the devil” with him. To “get the country back” and march towards Congress. On February 13, The Senate released Trump, Who was acquitted, followed the Democrats’ failure to reach the magic number of 60 votes (two-thirds of the room) and 57 Democratic senators voted in favor and 43 against Republicans.

There are many Republicans who have attacked the committee considering their approach A discriminatory maneuver of the Democrats Capitol Hill is designed to mark Trump’s role in the chaos. They are also a trooper who shouts and denies that Trump has pushed Save America (Save America), his followers will violently enter parliament. About 800 people entered the building, destroyed offices and confronted police (140 officers were injured). There are more than 500 defendants For the events of the day, the first offense involved assaulting a police officer, with charges including assault.

The conflict between the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi and the Republicans in Congress has demonstrated the uncompromising division that has prevailed between the two parties for the past two months. Getting a team to investigate the robbery at the Capitol was very difficult from the beginning. A major political storm was unleashed on July 1 when Pelosi announced that Republican Liz Cheney (daughter of George W. Bush’s vice president, 2001-2009) would be part of the commission of inquiry. A few weeks before the announcement, Capitol Hill, a congressional representative from Wyoming, was fired as Republican leader for denying Trump’s baseless allegations of fraud in the November presidential election.

On July 21, Pelosi appointed eight members to the commission of inquiry, including seven Democrats and one Republican. Two days ago, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced his candidacy for five members. Explore the January events. On Wednesday, July 21, Pelosi announced in a statement that he had rejected the plan of two of the five legislators, McCarthy, Jim Banks (Indiana) and Jim Jordan (Ohio), because they admitted the false doctrine of electoral fraud. Condemned by Trump. The Speaker of the House of Representatives agreed that the other three recommendations were valid. McCarthy responded by removing all of his candidates from the negotiating table and warning that he would not appoint anyone else to the committee unless the five already nominated were accepted.

Aside from Cheney, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinsinger is the only member of the committee headed by Mississippi Representative Benny Thompson – who has been chairman of the Homeland Security Committee since 2019. Kinsinger was not provided by the Republican Party, but was included by Pelosi in the investigation into the most serious attack ever seen by the US Congress. Of course, If Cheney is removed from his political leadership in Congress, Kinsinger may experience the same fate. Both Congressmen can be expelled from their seats in the House of Representatives by their own party.

Kinsinger “brings great patriotism to the work of the group: find the facts and defend democracy,” Pelosi declared Sunday. The Republican made his goal clear by agreeing to join the fact-finding mission. “Let me be clear, I am a Republican who believes in conservative values, but I have vowed to uphold the Constitution, and although this is not the position I wanted or desired, I will always respond when duty calls me,” the congressman said.

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McCarthy, who answered questions from the press on Monday during a ceremony in the White House garden, called Cheney and Kinsinger “Republicans of Pelosi.” “Who is that? Adam and Liz?” The Republican teased, returning a contradictory question to reporters, “Aren’t the Republicans from Pelosi?” The first hearing of the panel this Tuesday was intercepted at the entrance of one of the rooms, which is what it is. Cheney replied as it was They call McCarthy’s words “very childish.”

Pelosi continues to defend the need for the Committee: “I believe that this Commission must act in a non-discriminatory manner to win the confidence of the American people. It is about patriotism.” “I am very proud of the members of the commission and I am very confident that they will achieve that goal. We must go back to ignoring the actions of those who do not want to find out the truth,” the Democrat declared.

In a last-ditch effort to present a bipartisan image, Democrats emphasized the image of Liz Cheney, and announced that the daughter of Bush’s former vice president would give one of two preliminary statements in the trial. Attack on the Capitol. This Tuesday session will be dedicated to the four law enforcement officers who saved Congress their lives on January 6, while they were subjected to verbal and physical abuse.

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