The controversial goal of America vs Puebla was not included. More VAR?

The controversial goal of America vs Puebla was not included.  More VAR?

Guadeloupe Stadium, Puebla /

They say controversy always comes when he plays United States And usually associated with arbitrators. This Wednesday night First leg of the quarterfinals From, is no exception Equalized goal For Azulgromas Against Publius May be invalidated By a misguided Bruno Valdes, though The people of VAR gave it for good In quiet review.

In the 80th minute, Diego Valdes got the ball into the distance Sebastian Casares took the lead 1-1However, at the time of collecting the American 10 shirt, the Paraguayan Waltz was clear offside. That’s what’s important Bruno made the ball clear Jumping and up to a certain point- prevents the identification of Paplanos.

Television footage clarified the misconduct of Bruno Valdes and Whistler, Louis Henry Santander, Took a few seconds to allow the serve from midfield. The video referee picked up the headset to hear instructions coming from the booth They said the goal of the United States was valid.

The Vulta match between the United States and Puebla will take place next Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. At Azteca Stadium, the criterion for the best position on the table, even if the azuligrams make it to the semifinals, is to keep it in mind. Ewe Cole will no longer break the tie Overall results.

With this Wednesday’s benefit, The Eagles add nine consecutive games unbeaten Under Tano Ortiz’s order, his only setback was in his presentation in Rayados court; It is followed by six wins and three matches.

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