The Cuban app Transfermóvil launched a service that includes payments in the MLC to the private sector

The Cuban app Transfermóvil launched a service that includes payments in the MLC to the private sector

The Cuban online payments app Transfermóvil has opened a new service that allows self-employed and state companies to manage the collection of their services and products in national currency and dollars, without having to personally undertake this process.

Hector Luis Mora Hecavaria, Director of Digital Business for Vice President Commercial of the Cuban Telecommunications Monopoly (ETECSA), explained to the portal Cubadebate It is a new digital contracting service that can be purchased without having to go to the entity’s commercial offices.

“Delays in the current face-to-face procedures between the client, ETECSA, lawyers and banks will be eliminated,” the official said.

According to the company in its location Web pageAll those interested in this service must register the required data to verify their authenticity. Once the application is accepted, they will receive an attachment by email confirming their employment.

ETECSA confirmed that “this type of contract is very beneficial to the client, as it simplifies the procedures and avoids the inconvenience of transferring to sign face to face.”

Among the requirements that will be sought is to be of legal age, have a Tax Identification Number (NIT), and be a bank account holder.

This may have been created in Cuban pesos (CUP) or US dollars, which theoretically gives private entrepreneurs the possibility to charge for their services at the MLC.

A person is also allowed to include multiple companies in the same account.

To complete the application, the user will be asked to obtain a dot cu (.cu) domain email, where the notification will be sent that the contracting process has ended.

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In Mora Hechavarría’s opinion, “this digital contract will have authentication and triple-digit” making it nearly impossible to bypass security and verification.

He stressed that “no one will be able to deceive in digital recruitment, because it will be clear that the person who is hiring is who he is.”

The Cuban digital platform Transfermóvil has about 2 million users, according to the leader. Since August 2020, they have been allowed to apply for cards in freely convertible currency (MLC) with the support of MLC at Banco Metropolitano (Banmet).

Transfermóvil is an application from ETECSA and the Central Bank of Cuba that enables payment for services, online purchases, inquiries, banking procedures and other operations.

However, its benefits were marred by various difficulties in operating it.

“Platform Transfermóvil shows instability, which has caused intermittent periods In its normal functioning, ”she informed ETECSA at the start of the month.

Already in July 2020 the state entity announced this Transfermóvil was experiencing technical problems With intermittent operation. “

“We apologize for the inconvenience it caused, and we assure you that technicians are working ceaselessly on your solution to restore it in the shortest possible time,” he said on Facebook.

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