The Cuban who injured and kidnapped a police officer was arrested in Havana

The Cuban who injured and kidnapped a police officer was arrested in Havana

An unidentified Cuban was arrested on Tuesday afterwards Injury and kidnapping of a police officer in Vedado, Havana, the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) reported. According to independent sources, The kidnapping took place in a building very close to the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) from Cuba.

Tuesday afternoon, October 26 A person with multiple criminal records attacked the forces of internal order in the municipality of Plaza de la Revolution in the capital, created a complex situation,” Minent said In the brief statement.

“The MININT combined forces were able to restore order in a short time, Arrest the offender without injuring anyone And Immediate medical attention was given to a young police officer at Calixto Garcia Hospital, who had injuries caused by a criminal element.MININT added.

Pro-government media have been limited to reproducing the MININT manifesto and a video from La Página de Mauro, a social media profile he uses State Security.

Cuban Independent Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press (ICLEP) I mentioned on Facebook who – which The detainee is “an inmate who was passing through his correctional center, and who had arrived at the building opposite the Mintrix with the intent of killing his wife.”.

My father entered our apartment armed in search of my mother, who was not at home at the time.. Ya la policeman I was aware, that’s why Two PNR officers are waiting for you. He automatically tries to attack them with a knife. I I managed to get one of the officers out by covering her with my body, which allowed her to attack the other officer with three stabs.Fortunately, I was able to escape by jumping out the window,” the detainee’s son told ICLEP.

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as Mauro’s pageAnd The 20-year-old kidnapped policewoman “goed to the scene because of a quarrel in an apartment in a building located in the Vedado neighborhood of the capital., in Havana, after someone called the emergency service 106. While performing, She was attacked and wounded, and they stripped her of her firearm. The authorities repeatedly negotiated with the attacker, trying to get him to desist from his intentions to deprive the officer and himself.

“Luckily no one was killed“he added.

None of the sources revealed the identity of the alleged assailant During the kidnapping, he had three hostages: a stabbed policeman, an elderly woman and a paramedic who was going to come in to help the injured officer.According to the police. Stormtroopers had surrounded the building and about 50 soldiers of the so-called “black hornets” were ready to take over the apartment., ICLEP indicated from the official data.

The The kidnapper released the injured officer and took him into custody For the paramedic and the old woman even “Special forces entered the house, arrested the inmate and rescued the two hostages.”, note ICLEP.

add that ETECSA has cut off the Internet in the region to prevent news from reaching social networks And Share a video Riot police withdrew from the area Kidnapping in Havana.

This fact has been happening since 10:00 AM and it is approaching 6:00 PM. In another country in the world, especially the United States, this could have been resolved in five minutes by depriving him of his life. No one has been deprived of their life here today,” said an anonymous Cuban who took advantage of the situation to praise the police work on the island, in Video for Mauro’s page.

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“It was very difficult and I left my baby with his father because I didn’t want to believe it and wanted the girl to come out strong and healthy,” said an unidentified woman. “This is a massive candle. Now nobody wants it. This is scary lingering history. Here on the block, it’s marked,” said an unidentified young man.

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