The day Emilio Azcárraga tried to eliminate Pájara Peggy

The day Emilio Azcárraga tried to eliminate Pájara Peggy

inside Job offer There are endless stories that rarely appear. It is where Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Azcárraga I’m trying Removal to me The original Pajara Baiji He is one of them, because you can say yes he got it, Even if ‘Half’.

The Bagara Baiji She was a very popular character who appeared on the show “Carbine Ambrosio”, a Comedy and Music Show What was the sensation a few years ago, and where was it there controversy Hidden just appeared.

What happened to the original Pájara Peggy?

as told Benito Castroon a journey with him golden scorpion, The Bagara Baiji It was not always performed by Moises Suarez, who is better known today for his role as Arturo López in the show “Neighbors”, because there was someone who gave life to this character from the very beginning.

Castro is talking about it at that time Vice President of Televisa, Humberto Navarro, who wanted to appear on TV, although his face was not revealed, so with Success What did I have “Carbine Ambrosio” is that he thought of creating Bagara Peggy.

The Feather Character I would have been born more as an A fancy This as one original idea But the audience loved him, because to this day many remember his popular phrases, such as “Yes Yes!” s “A la one, a la two, a la one, two, three… tiki ti, tiki ti.”

With this fact, of problems; The first is that Bagara Baiji She was characterized as loud and androgynous, something that didn’t sound quite so good in those years. The second is that Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Azcárraga found out What did his deputy do?

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Benito Castro take care of that Send Azkaraga to Navarro and started in scold himArguing that:I’ve already found out that you’re playing the bird. How does the vice president of Televisa come out to act as a batterer?! Get out of that suit and don’t turn me on To do one of those! After a while, all the vice presidents who want to be a damn bird will leave me.”

Navarro, Original Pájara Peggy, It had to Abandon personality They had to find a file replace. It was so Moses Suarez took office and carry on the legacy, although as you can see, he is not the original member of the Feathered Character.

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