Keys to fighting poverty

Keys to fighting poverty

As we try to solve the problems we have to fulfill at the bottom of the social pyramid, and look for compensation alternatives that respect the technical capabilities we have, it would be useful to start discussing the society we want to build and how long we will continue to accept that millions of our fellow human beings are treated in this unforgivable way.

Our country suspended classes face-to-face in March 2020 and was the first to return to the San Juan class, five months later, with the subsequent closure.

It was the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) that directly pointed out the possibility of a “lost generation” arguing that children suffer irreversible damage to their education, nutrition and well-being, due to physical, emotional and social deprivation. and cultural ones that generate diminished capacities due to chronic physical and mental illnesses; Dissatisfaction with basic needs, violation of rights, including loss of awareness that people are subject to the law.

According to anthropologists, the human race has inhabited the planet for at least 100,000 years. Only after the Renaissance, gradually and intermittently, and especially after the Industrial Revolution, did the world experience remarkable rapid and steady economic growth.

Economists have published many theories to explain the root causes of the massive material progress of our species in the past 500 years.

Technological innovation has been identified as one of the primary reasons for this progress. But for there to be innovation, two basic contributions are needed: one is respect for private property; The other is the development of markets with a tangible margin of freedom.

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Ideologically, it is difficult to recognize that the integration of external capital (when it aims to integrate the productive structure) contributes to national liberation.

However, it is precisely this that allows us to incorporate into our viable enterprise what we lack in order to maintain and develop the national status. In order not to “jump into the void”, it is essential that efforts aim at achieving a minimum but sufficient degree of internal integration of the production structure.

For national development, it is clear that education in general and science education in particular, play a central role. Without education, development is simply unthinkable. Organizing our society requires knowing which country we want. If we note the rallies and counter-rallies of science politics over the past 30 years, it seems that we don’t know clearly.

Finally, it is necessary to analyze the need to “reuse education”. This means recycling teacher training, finding the possibility to think about the contents in another way, and teaching critical thinking, empathy and reasoning. In fact, when the contents are recycled, the evaluation criteria must also be updated.

Argentina is at a crossroads again. If you follow the path of evolution (authentic, without compromises or delays), then the purpose of ensuring the independence and greatness of the nation will be fulfilled. Failure to do so will uselessly delay the achievement of an inescapable goal. I tell young people that the important things are ideals that align with ends, that we need political freedom, administrative honesty, and knowledge that power comes out of the society into which we must enter.

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